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Image by Tina Dawson


Choose from the wide range of apparel options that we offer to help promote your departments, church and even events.


Belong Tshirt Mockup.png

Belong Compassion Shirt

Compassion Church Crewneck.png

Compassion Church Crewneck

You Can't Offend Me Mockup.png

You Can't Offend Me Shirt

Kids shirt Mockup.png

Compassion Kids Shirt

Can't Believe Shirt Mockup.png

Can't Believe Dream Team Shirt

We Get Do Do This Dream Team.png

We Get To Do This Dream Team Shirt

You Belong Here guest Shirt.png

You Belong Here Guest Shirt

Saved Freed Restored Shirt Mockup.png

Saved, Freed, Restored Shirt

Freed Shirt Mockup.png

Freed - Compassion Church Shirt

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